Anton baranov

Sound recordist


I'm a sound recordist and sound editor based in Moscow, Russia. I've been recording sound for 8+ years, working on documentary and TV productions, commercials and films for major brands and broadcasters like Google, VICE, ARTE, NBC and others.

I own, maintain and love all of the sound recording gear below

Sound Devices 633 10 Channel mixer/recorder
4x Sennheiser SK/EK 2000 Wireless systems
1x Sennheiser SK/EK 100 Wireless system for wireless camera hop
4x Sanken COS-11 Lavalier microphones
Sanken CSR-2 Rear rejection shotgun microphone
2x Oktava MK-012 Matched pair for stereo recordings
2x Ambient nanoLockit boxes
Ambient boompole, various windshields and accesories
Macbook Pro 2017
Pro Tools HD12
Reaper 5
DaVinci Resolve 12
iZotope RX6 Audio Restoration tools

Sound Devices 633 - Sound Recordist in Russia

Sound Devices 633
A 10-track mixer/recorder with automix capabilities and Wingman extension for remote control via app. It's able to record to two medias simultaneously, providing an on-set backup or a mp3 file for transcripts.

Sanken CSR-2
A 3-capsule shotgun mic. It combines the long acoustic tube and rectangular capsule design of the Sanken CS-2 with the mid and low frequency side and rear rejection of the Sanken CS-3e. A switch allows you to turn off the mid and low frequency side and rear rejection capsule to obtain a wider and warmer sound image.

Sound Devices 633 - Sound Recordist in Russia

Sennheiser SK/EK 2000 and Sanken COS-11
A 100 mW wireless covering the whole allowed to use RF bandwidth in Russia, giving it an effective range up to about 100 meters. Paired with Sanken COS-11, an awesome lav with upper frequency boost to compensate for layers of clothing that it's usually hidden underneath.

Ambient nanolockit timecode sync - Sound Recordist in Russia
Ambient nanolockit timecode sync - Sound Recordist in Russia

Ambient NanoLockit
A small timecode transceiver (meaning it can both transmit and receive the signal) as well as master timecode generator. It can be a lifesaver on any production that is requiring frame accurate sync between multiple cameras and sound recorders. Additionally it's able to feed timecode via audio channel into DSLR cameras like A7s and Canon 5d allowing them to be in sync with rest of production gear.

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Waiting to hear about your project!

Moscow, Russia