Anton baranov

Sound recordist


I'm a sound recordist based in Moscow, Russia. Mostly, I work in commercials, film productions and corporate videos. I speak both English and Russian and can provide on-set translation if needed.

I own, maintain and love all of the production mixer gear below

Sound Devices 633 10 Channel mixer/recorder4x Sennheiser SK/EK 2000 Wireless systems1x Sennheiser SK/EK 100 Wireless system for wireless camera hop4x Sanken COS-11 Lavalier microphonesSanken CSR-2 Rear rejection shotgun microphone2x Oktava MK-012 Matched pair for stereo recordings2x Ambient nanoLockit boxesAmbient boompole, various windshields and accesories

Asus ROG Join the RepublicdocumentaryBusiness Club Roayle2017Sound Recordist
Untitled Russian Orthodox Church documentarydocumentaryTSVP2017-2018Sound Recordist
Inside Gosha Rubchinskiy's Post-soviet generationdocumentaryVice / I-D2017Production sound recording
Subway | Famous fanscommercialGolova2016Sound recording / Sound Design
TrivagocommercialGolova2017Production sound recording
5.45 DesignpromoArtman Group2016Sound Design
AquatilisfeatureIndy2017Production sound recording
SkullCandy OnTheRoofscommercialCommon Good2015Production sound recording
Youtube Creators AcademywebGoogle / Youtube2016Production sound recording
Kerri Walsh Jennings: Gold WithindocumentaryDick's sporting goods / Tribeca Digital Studios2016Production sound recording
BloodshortIndy2017Sound Editing / Sound Design
DrownedshortIndy2017Sound Editing / Sound Design


Waiting to hear about your project!

Moscow, Russia